Well, for the first part, it’s because you are (generally speaking) at this point, halfway through your life!

But I got a massive surprise when I researched the life expectancy of women living in South Africa.

A sobering surprise for sure!

as statistics go

According to worllifeexpectancy.com, my timeline of life living in South Africa is 67!

You can imagine my surprise at reading that! Loads of exclamation marks today, aren’t there?!

If I am to believe this little statistic then theoretically, I have 17 more years to live. That’s where the “sobering” comes in.

Why am I back on this timeline thing anyway?

I know you know this – but time is the only commodity we have that is “non-replaceable”.

The few minutes that you take to read this blog, are gone!

So I certainly hope that after you have, you are spurred onto getting into place those dreams that you have had forever; that you dig out that bucket list and get moving on the doing of them – as opposed to the planning of them.

I have been in the planning phase of another pilgrimage, and there I was, doing a bit of reading – and the life expectancy subject trickled into my feed – I think Google does this when we are researching great adventures – and then I was reminded that if I live to 100 then I am halfway through my life.

Halfway down my timeline.

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but i live everyday

When I wrote “The Future is Now” I wasn’t facing my 50th year on earth. So while that thought was very sobering, it got me thinking, just how different I am these days.

I am far less fearful about the future. I also understand that I always had this impending expiry date, because that’s what keeps us all humbly together as human beings.

But for the most part, I live my life every day.

In fact, since my pilgrimage, my life has been focused on living according to my dreams and aligned with my core values. I can now even make really tough decisions about how I get myself living fully in alignment with those core values, and even consider the results of those decisions without heading into a panic.

I harp on a bit about core values, but I do so because they are fundamentally important to living our lives fully.

To live every day, so that when I am faced with this milestone birthday, I don’t feel powerless and defeated in my life.

And have no regrets, but only gratitude for the events of my life. But, maybe that comes from being this age in any event?

there is no future, because the future is now

But back to this life expectancy stat!

While none of us knows when our expiry dates are, thanks be to God for that mercy; the point is that there is a date sometime up ahead on our timeline when all of this comes to an end.

Death is a certainty, as much as taxes are.

And if I am to believe that 67 is the average lifeline of a woman living in South Africa, or that I will be blessed to live to 100 years old, the only relevance this has for me is that my future is right now.

Right now, at this moment!

But this isn’t about when I am going to die, or when you are going to die either; the real question is how are we going to live, from this moment?

here’s a visual to put things into perspective

So, you can bet one thing!

Whether it’s seventeen years left, or another 50, my life presents itself to me every day that I wake up. Every day that I am blessed and grateful to open up my eyes.

That is when our future comes to us as well. It isn’t in the tomorrows, and the next weeks, or next months or years – it’s in every breath that we take.

Every single day offers us an opportunity to move towards our hopes and dreams – and I am a fan of hopes and dreams. But I am now also an even bigger fan of making those hopes and dreams a reality.

Because you can bet one thing – that if we ever wait for the perfect time to do what we want to do with our lives, it will never happen.

And that’s why turning 50 is such a big deal. That’s why every birthday is a big deal – because it’s another opportunity to get living.

It’s a reminder to us all to be grateful for the time that has passed us, and it’s even a bigger reminder to make sure that we draw every ounce of life, out of every day until there is no more air in our lungs.

I do this timeline exercise regularly! It always gives me an opportunity to assess where it is that I want to be going, and how I am getting there.

Get in touch, if you want to see your future now, and also if you want to live your life with a greater understanding of your purpose.


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