It is mentioned so often in articles and learning modules around the subject of salesmanship. First add value. You hear it and read about it all the time.

So, what is adding value and how would you go about it from a business perspective? In our personal lives, we add value almost every day. We feed the dogs, clean hamster cages, at the moment help with the children’s homeschooling regime. We help ease a certain amount of pain and pressure, by doing these small daily tasks. From your business perspective though it can’t just be about selling your product or service if you are looking for economic longevity. Longevity in your business is the reason why adding value is important.

Consider the customer’s perspective

Every bit of money, whether it be large or small, spent by your customer in your business is money that would have gone towards his or her own or his family’s maintenance. While your customer is purchasing this item on his own volition, see this experience of purchase from his perspective and value the trust being placed in your product.

Build on and strive to improve customer satisfaction

We are satisfied when we buy something and that item constantly gives us value. When it doesn’t, respect and understand the customer’s perspective and treat your customer in a way that you would want to be treated, if the tables were reversed.

The customer’s experience should be memorable

Pleasantly memorable that is to say. A memorable experience leads to excellent word-of-mouth referrals. It is much easier to sell to other people, where proof exists from others who can stand up for you and your product or service.

It really does ring true that the ‘customer is king’

Marketing models

Including free resources in your marketing models, in exchange for small things from your customers adds immense value. Whether it be an e-book, articles, or newsletters with information to educate for example give these out to position your authority in your niche market.

Once your customers are in your sales funnel and you are nurturing your relationships with them, the principle of reciprocity rings true. Since you have added value first, without asking for any money in return it is human nature that they will reciprocate on this goodwill.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”

Albert Einstein