I was reading a post by a pilgrim who had walked the Camino de Santiago, who mentioned the Via Degli Dei. Another pilgrimage? How wonderful, I thought. My only real challenge here is that I feel that I might not have sufficient time in my life left to walk all of these routes that Europe has to offer. Let alone the routes in the United Kingdom. So many pilgrimages, so little time!

The Way of the Gods

I was intrigued! The route evidently takes it’s name from the route it follows through mountainous regions and bypassing and crossing Mount Venus, Mount Juno and a mountain called the Moon Goddess. How can this route ever be missed? With such reference to Roman Mythology, and what these particular Gods meant for their followers in years gone by.

The Flaminian Way

As with most routes through Italy, and Europe as far as North England, the walker or rider is bound to encounter the magical history of this area. While it bypasses the beauty of the Apennine Mountains, the Roman Road known as the Flaminian Way will, on some parts of the route, be your guide. This ancient road was started in 220BC and was the main thoroughfare between Rome and Ariminum.

Five Stages – Five Days

The route can be divided into five stages, which depending on your fitness level will take around five days to complete. Guides and information on this route, say that it is a medium to difficult hike and others who have walked the route mention that you will need to be slightly more walking fit, than other trails.

  • Stage 1 – 22kms – Bologna to Badolo
  • Stage 2 – 28kms – Badolo to Madonna dei Fornelli
  • Stage 3 – 18kms – Madonna dei Fornelli to Monte di Fo
  • Stage 4 – 24kms – Monte di Fo to San Piero a Sieve
  • Stage 5 – 34kms – San Pietro a Sieve to Florence (Fiesole)

Best time to go

During the months of April, May and June where temperatures are better for walking. Not too hot during the day, with cooler evenings. Alternatively, during September and October, although you are likely to encounter rain during October.

Where to stay

There are B&B’s, hotels and some hostels throughout the route. From some research, you will need to prebook in each town. Make sure that if you are going during the pandemic that you check your countries travel restrictions before setting off.

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