Many of us believe that to be vulnerable is a weakness – that it is a state of mind that doesn’t serve us.

But I think that being vulnerable is the exact opposite and our greatest strength.

We are vulnerable to the ways of the world.

Let’s start here and realise that as human beings, none of us is immune to the ways of the world.

The world will have us, have its way with us. On some days, we are spat out like bitter pieces of old lemon, and on other days we are held in the comfort of all that is good.

The mere fact that most of us get up in the morning is the most significant step towards being vulnerable.

Then, of course, we have no real idea what the day will bring, but that doesn’t stop us from setting off with faith and hope and moving boldly into the fray.

Yes, we are vulnerable whether we think it or not, and when we think about it, that’s where we uncover the real magic.

Vulnerability, in its many forms

Like me, I have learnt (the hard way) that admitting my mistakes is a portal to making meaningful change. I first have to be vulnerable to potential ridicule by this admittance, though.

Nevertheless, saying sorry and adjusting my behaviour has been one of the best lessons I have learned about my resilient and vulnerable self.

Also, as I have shared painful memories and challenges I have faced with others, this vulnerability has reduced the effect of both on my state of mind.

My gran used to say that a “problem shared is a problem halved.”

So, yes, vulnerability can change the real impact memory, and problems can have on you.

If you think that there is no vulnerability in you at all, think again, because if you have ever been honest about your fears; you’ve shared your hopes and dreams; asked for what you want or have cried in front of someone, then my friend, you are a vulnerable human being.

And how wonderful is that!

I do love these words:

“Once more into the fray,
Into the last good fight that I will ever know.
Live and die on this day,
Live and die on this day.”



At the end of the movie The Grey, Liam Neeson comes face to face with the wolf that has been tracking him for days.

All of the other survivors from the plane crash have met their end, but he has prevailed to this point.

He has come to this point through his vulnerability.

He has faced his demons and his trauma, and now he has to see through to the end of this journey that he has set off on.

And so, his real battle begins. And it’s a good battle – equals facing each other.

The movie leaves us guessing as to who survives the last stand. But for me, ever the optimist, I think he overcame the wolf and settled the score.

He is afterall our hero, in this scenario.

This is the point of vulnerability.

We set off into the world, and we are vulnerable to all it throws at us.

But, understanding that things happen FOR US and not TO US allows us to celebrate our vulnerable selves, learn the lessons, and elicit every juicy titbit that the world throws at us.

So, tuning into those things that make us vulnerable, or those that make us feel it, is our path to growth and self-development.

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