We live or die by the clock! The scene from Castaway described our relationship with time very aptly.

We all know that time is our most precious resource. It is never replenished, we have a set amount of time per day, but we so often overlook the time we spend on menial tasks, as we forge on with our workdays.

To keep you on track, here are some top tips to keep you focused and productive.

Start and End your Day, Strong

Putting your best foot forward from the beginning is a sure-fire way of gaining momentum to boost you into your day. Start with a meditation, which can be as easy as stilling your mind, closing your eyes, and imagining how your day will look. Remember your most important tasks to get through and envision those as being your priority.

Likewise, at the end of your day, update your to-do-list, and don’t chastise yourself for tasks that are still there. Prioritise again, tidy your desk and head off, knowing that you did your best for the day.

Prioritize your To-Do-List

While you are finalizing your day and preparing for tomorrow, relook at your to-do-list and prioritize accordingly. Your to-do-list should include tasks that are congruent with your business’s growth strategy or goals. While there are likely to be many goals then, prioritize with the end in mind, and what you are wanting to achieve in the short and the long term.

The 80/20 Rule

Everyone knows or has heard of this principle, which was first noted in 1896, by the economist Vilfredo Pareto. The Pareto Principle is a concept still taught to project managers today and is based on the premise that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, as a rule of thumb.

In practice, for a digital marketer then roughly 80% of the traffic to your website, will land on 20% of your website pages. This principle then can help you with your prioritization of tasks, which should always be contributing to your long or short term plans.

Multitasking is a Myth

Women will in all likelihood disagree with that comment. As a woman myself, we do often find ourselves doing many tasks at once. A good friend of mine, will take business calls, cook dinner, build a set of LEGO with the kids all at once, and all three activities have a very successful outcome.

It is nevertheless far better use of your time, to focus on one task within your business, one at a time. Start with your first prioroty on your to-do-list, finish that and then move one.Your focus on that one task will generate a better outcome.