We hear this all the time, but have you really given it some thought!

Have you contemplated the meaning around this – The Future Is Now!

Let’s look at a timeline shall we, so that I can demonstrate the importance of understanding this.

a rough drawing of my life – set out on a timeline

Some time ago, I drew out a rough sketch of my timeline.

I estimated and thought that if I am lucky, I would live to a healthy century. At the time, I was heading into my 49th birthday.

When you see this timeline right before your eyes, it dawns on you suddenly, that your life is lived everyday and more importantly, I was heading into the midline of that life.

Put bluntly, I was halfway though my existence!

my bucket list became my priority

Having had this rude awakening, I pulled out the “bucket list” that I had been nurturing for some time. It now became very important for me to start living those paper dreams.

Wow! I had written a list of them, and realising that I was halfway through my timeline, it felt very urgent for me to get going.

So I did what any self-respecting dreamer would do – I resigned from my job!

pilgrimage changed everything!

With my bucket list now in the driving seat of my life, I took on the dream that I had written down a few years before. It was right at the top of the list.

To walk the Camino de Santiago.

So I did.

My pilgrimage turned out to be very different from what I had expected it to be.

I started afraid, very afraid; got comfortable; got injured; went back to where I started hoping to heal; had to return home; went back to Spain; finished in Santiago de Compostela feeling mostly overwhelmed at my experience.

But all along, I had never understood the massive impact this journey would have on my life. I could feel something shifting while I was walking but it only dawned on me fully when I got home.



And I had some lofty goals now!

The biggest one was walking another 25 Camino’s! Even when I look at that list, I always have a quiet giggle to myself.

But with this audacious goal, I then began to put in a plan to make it happen. I knew that if I had any hope of making this a reality, that I would need to have a job that was “location independent”

If I was to walk another 25 Camino’s I would need to spend the entire window period given on a travel visa, walking pilgrimage – and so my vision of me with my backpack on my back, and my laptop in it, was born.

you can’t get time back, but you can start to live purposefully

When I say “purposefully” I certainly don’t mean that you have to go off and walk a pilgrimage (although I would love if you are inspired to do so) or that you have to head into work today and hand in your resignation. No.

It means to start a regime of self-care and acknowledge that you and you alone are responsible for your amazing life. You can do anything, and you have everything inside of you to live completely to your purpose.

This was the realisation that I had while sitting on the patio of an albergue one afternoon after a tough walk. I just knew that I had to start to live with purpose, towards my own goals and towards those very lofty dreams of mine.

My timeline just made it all the more urgent for me too.



  •  I started with the end in mind, meaning that I knew where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do and hashed a plan to get me there;
  • I upskilled myself – heading into the digital space needed me to dump my old set of skills in place of some shiny new ones;
  • I found communities – this I can never reiterate enough as to how important this has been for me. Even this confirmed introvert, needs mentors and support!
  • Daily work on my mindset – it is tough being an entrepreneur and you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. The magic, after all does start outside your comfort zone. Since every coach needs their own coach, mindset is now a passion that I have created for myself.


So, draw out your timeline and intend to do so to review your onward trajectory.

Do so, with the intention to live out every day in a space of gratitude, fearlessness and infinite hope.

With gratitude, fearlessness and hope you can achieve anything, you set your mind to – even those crazy audacious goals.


Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

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