If you pop onto your favorite search engine and check out how many online entrepreneurs are making it every day, it is undeniable that online success is within your grasp. We are all ordinary people, with all the typical challenges that life throws at us, but the common thread is that we all follow a proven recipe.

It is not an easy road, mind you, despite having a rule book at your disposal. Like your office career, it will take time and effort, and the buzz word for success online and being a lifestyle entrepreneur is “consistency.”

  • Being consistent at plugging at your individual strategy;
  • Being consistent with your daily habits;
  • Being consistent in your actioning your business strategy, and most of all; 
  • Being a consistent learner. 

Here are my Top Ten Tips for Online Success summarizing all my reading and listening (and learning) 

None of them will shock you. Most of them, if not all, are pretty obvious when you think about them. It shows that this can be done, and you can replace your salary with your online proceeds once you have momentum.

Here goes…

  1. Always be Building your List. So obvious, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when I was working with my mentors. I have a website, but a list of niche customers is your ultimate asset. Like any asset, be careful with it, love it, and nurture it. 
  2. Always be Building Your Relationship with your List. Your list, remember, are people just like you with hopes, fears, pain points, and burning questions. They are human beings, and like yourself, you are in this world together with them.
  3. Create Value. Just like you, your list of people is prudent about where they spend their hard-earned cash. Suppose you create value first by solving their problems, answering their questions, and providing solutions that they never knew were available to them. In that case, you are on the right track to building lifelong relationships.
  4. Sell what the Market Wants. So obvious, but often overlooked. It is the age-old adage of “supply and demand.” Know your niche and what your niche is looking for. Remember, while you are creating value, your relationships are growing, and people buy from people they know, like, and trust especially while you are creating value by responding to your market’s pains.
  5. Diversify your Traffic. Depending on a single source of traffic limits your reach. Consider Affiliate Programs, content distribution across platforms, online advertising, SEO, and the all-powerful social media.
  6. Sell your products or services, and sell other’s products or services too.
  7. Mastermind with mentors and people that have already walked the road. This is not a new journey, and so many before you have taken the road to online success. Learn as much as you can from others. Share your learning so that others, too, can share in this tremendous opportunity.
  8. Invest in yourself. Take courses. Subscribe to informative reading materials in your niche. Learn. Don’t stop learning.
  9. Look to the future of your business. I learned an essential aspect of managing your own business from my previous employer. This highly respected and competent commercial lawyer manages her team of lawyers and builds her practice within a large firm. While she is dependant on monthly fees, she was never afraid to give more than what she received. She was unafraid to reduce a bill, provide a discount, to do away with an account entirely because she had a long view of her practice. Her bottom line was providing value in all instances, and she never billed her time, or her team’s time, if that fundamental aspect of her business was unfulfilled. I will let you know that she ALWAYS added value. There was never a client who walked away without having a problem solved or a fixed plan to solve that problem.
  10. Get to your first milestone. I have read and heard often that once you make your first sale online, you can make your next, and your next and the next. Easy does it. Baby steps.

There you have it, Top Ten Tips to keep in mind on your entrepreneurial journey to online success. 

Knowing where to find help is right at your fingertips too.