Les Chemis Du Mont Saint Michel

With its finish at the iconic island of Mont Saint-Michel, this 205 mile (330kms) journey kicks off in Rouen.

A good option for those walkers who might want to take a holiday in France, and who on the limited time can still enjoy the benefits of a pilgrimage. The time estimated for it’s completion is around 15 days.

Munchner Jakobsweg

Starting in Munich, a city which can hold you captivated with his history, and ending in Lindau.

This 180 mile journey or 290 kms, boasts awe inspiring church architecture, through the stunning German landscape. A good option for those walkers who might not be able to drop everything for months at a time, since it is estimated that you will need around 15 days to complete the journey.

Via Coloniensis

A must for all pilgrims who have very short time in which to undertake a pilgrimage. It is estimated that you will need around 11 days to complete this 149 mile journey between Cologne and Trier. For those pilgrims who walk in kilometers, that is 240.

It is said to be scenic overload and boasts 18th Century architecture, as one would expect along this historical route between these two Roman cities.

Saint Cuthbert’s Way

A monk, who spent his early years at Melrose Abbey is the inspiration for this relatively new pilgrimage. The starting point is at the Abbey itself, which is situated in the Scottish Borders.

A journey which covers a distance of just 62 miles, or around 100kms , is a great alternative for those who might be thinking of spending some of their holiday doing something more physical for the first week. The route takes you to Holy Island, which is where the Saint Cuthbert is buried.

The pilgrim can expect breathtaking views of rolling hills and valleys, which the countryside of the United Kingdom always provides.

Via di Francesco

Starting in La Verna and taking you 111 miles over 9 days, ending in the town of Assisi, is this short pilgrimage, with it’s focus on Saint Francis.

The imposing Basilica di San Francesco, is along the route, and the pilgrimage is well set out, with it’s own credential.

Please consult the official website, for further planning.

Via Francigena

Last but certainly not least, the well known Via Francigena, which is an epic journey for all pilgrims who can spend around 3 months walking through the scenic countries of England, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

The official start is in Canterbury England, and ends at the historic and well-known Vatican, in Vatican City in Italy. The route is gaining popularity and if you intend walking the entire route you will need to sit down and do a great deal of planning to ensure success.

A well-known vlogger, Efren Gonzalez has posted his entire journey on YouTube, so please check this out for a wonderful visual of this amazing pilgrimage.