It is like having your own DeLorean (the revamped Doc Brown version) sitting in your garage, ready to take you on a journey.

It works like this.

Our future is in our head in our dreams; and our past is also there, in our memories.

There you have it!

there are rules though

Like Marty and Doc were not allowed to run into their past or future selves, or otherwise, accept the result of altering the “space-time continuum” there are rules or guidelines to how we use our dreams and memories.

I say rules because I believe that we should always endeavour to remove ourselves from unresourceful moods. That is just my personal belief.

If we are to rely on our memories, we should do so to the extent that they help us. Likewise, when we dream of our futures, those dreams should be bright and beautiful and aligned with our best versions of ourselves

let’s talk about “time” first

Time is a substance.

We use it, and it is in specific measures every day. Our diaries determine how we move through time.

We also process our time in our own unique way. We see it, and envision it in a certain pattern too.

For me, I am an “in time” processor of time.

This means that when I envision my future it is directly ahead of me; my past behind me; and my present is exactly where I am.

This is my physical representation of time, and it is unique to every person.

I can however move and reshape my timeline, so that it serves me best. Not to say that my processing technique now needs adjustment, it simply means that I can.

Last week, I wrote about an exercise of the “timeline” A basic focus exercise to get you moving into actioning your most audacious goals.

This is about moving along that timeline into the past, to resolve any bad memories or certainly memories that don’t serve you now.

It is timeline – therapy and it is like travelling in time, to take you “back to your best future”

this memory kept on popping up

I am in Grade 1 or 2. So I am about 6 or 7 years old.

I am standing on the pavement outside my primary school, waiting for my mom to collect me. She always did and was never late.

That day, as I watched all the other kids leaving for home, realising that I had been left, it dawned on me that I might very well have been abandoned. 

Quite a scary thought for a youngster.

This memory was even harder to bear because I saw my aunt driving away with my two older brothers in the car.

Not only had I been abandoned, but it was to that little kid a triple-whammy because I had been forgotten. Overlooked.

In my adult life, this memory started to pop into my thoughts. Long after my parents passed, my time machine brain took me back to this place, where I had been left. 

Literally and figuratively, left.

Without having the opportunity to ask my Mom what had gone on that day, I decided to do some work with this memory, and I am so glad that I did!

I reshaped my thought process

The bottom line was that this memory really left me feeling hurt. I had so many questions in my mind.

So, stepping back into time, I used the resources that I now have as an adult to help that little person, little me, at that time in our past.

You see, it wasn’t about me being abandoned or forgotten, certainly not by my Mom. It was understanding and seeing how that little person reacted to that situation.

As I distanced my adult self from that scene, I watched how little Robyn went into the school office to get help. Even from a stranger, who I believe worked at the school, my faith in others which still holds me up today, got me home that day. 

Even more resourceful for me now was how resilient and courageous I was then, which both move me forward in my daily life.

I could have stayed in that unresourceful memory of abandonment, but moving into an expanded awareness of that day so long ago, in a time without mobile phones, I broke down a barrier.

our minds are time machines

Yes, they are!

We travel in them every day. In our thoughts and in our memories.

We have control of our minds, and if you believe that thoughts are real forces and that they have power over your life, using this time machine to your benefit, is critical.

Like those rules Marty and Doc tried to follow, this should be our Mission:

  • Endeavour to remove ourselves from unresourceful moods;
  • Create resourceful moods in which we gather momentum towards our goals.

Working with our timeline, and those memories that hold us back is a step in the right direction.

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