I loved the talk Kevin Bacon gave at TEDx eight years ago. I love it for many reasons, not just for the great work that his charity sixdegrees.org has done. I love it for the authentic way he describes his learning curve into the online world that he knew nothing about.

Taking his passion to the next level

We all know that Kevin Bacon lives his best life on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that he has a challenge-free life. As he describes in his talk, things happen to him and his family that overwhelms him at times. However, with his acting and music career, he has leveraged an incredibly successful charity. We can agree that his passion has been taken to the next level.

Isn’t your passion worth taking to the next level too? It might not necessarily be a charity, but perhaps it’s a renewed focus on how you too can live your best life.

Starting his online journey

Passion filled and driven to the next level, a website is the obvious next step. Without the technical skills, which Mr Bacon is admittedly not familiar with, he moves forward and acts despite his lack of knowledge to the technical side of things. He phones his friend, and the next thing sixdegrees.org is born.

Developing his website and his passion

We all know that conjuring up a list of customers, or in Mr Bacon’s case, people’s awareness of his new venture is probably the most difficult task. He mentions in his talk, that when approaching his colleagues for help his status changed from he himself being their colleague to the “guy that wanted something”.

I thought about this for some time, and I wonder how this process of changing from a friend or colleague to a person who needs something, might stop a new entrepreneur from taking steps that they need to advertise their business or service. Maybe it doesn’t stop them entirely, but perhaps it slows down the progression of developing their business.


I love how the aspect of failure is described in the talk. It really is just said, and then he moves onto the next step so never losing the valuable momentum, of the action that has already been taken.

If you are anything like me, failure is a huge challenge that I need to work on every day, but I am mindful that the fear of it, must never stop or start to hinder my progress. Even those baby steps are steps forward, so the message is to keep on moving, keep on focusing on your “why” and develop your skills as you progress forward.

Kevin Bacon is in great company because the quote by Thomas Edison always give me hope: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work”

Keep on going!