Over the past few months, I have watched a bunch of self-development videos and checked in with my community on this very thing. What I have learned is that we hope for abundance, we wish it in our lives, but I don’t think that we truly believe that it is our birthright. Generally speaking of course.

We see so much bad news all over the place. Our social media filters might be set to receiving everything, perhaps it is because we also have a fear of missing out on something? We watch the news. We religiously watch the news, and how great is that for our overall well-being?

It is no wonder many of us are not thinking of abundance. It is no wonder that if we do, it feels like we are cheating on the rest of the world. But what would happen if we all chose abundance today, and shifted our belief that we all had an inherent right to it?

What could happen is a complete shift in our global thinking. We could change the world, as cliché as that sounds. But even more importantly, how would each of us do it? How would we transform our inner belief to achieving a mindset that abundance is for all of us, and that we all have a right to it?

I have a few ideas, but first of all, let’s look at what the definition of “abundance” is:

A definition

“…an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply…”

So, this definition might elicit some very negative thoughts. Let’s take a look at our lives some months ago, and this happened globally by what the media was describing. We were advised that “lockdown” would take place, and that created some massive over purchasing and with the result, some of us had an over-sufficient quantity of say, for example, loo paper.

I wasn’t very impressed. I didn’t feel much love for people and in fact, I was angered, even outraged by the craziness that ensued at the time. I was wrong though because we all just did what we thought we had to do, to survive. We did what we did to make a safe place for our loved-one’s and when you think about it, we didn’t really have a framework to follow during that unprecedented time. We might have had abundant quantities of things, but certainly, our spiritual abundance felt like it was at an all-time low. It certainly felt like that for me.

But what does Abundance mean to you?

It is true that we live in an abundant world, more so than our parents and grandparents did. We have information at our fingertips, we have fast-food ready to be delivered to our homes at the click of a button, we have everything we need to draw in abundance. But what type of abundance are you thinking of? What type of abundance should we be thinking of?

For me, my vision of abundance is way different to most. I am a minimalist at heart and an introvert, so my view of abundance is “less is more”. But when we talk of abundance being a birthright, are we not talking about our inner space? Are we talking about our differential between surviving and thriving?

We will all have a very different view of what abundance means to us. My view of how I survive or thrive as my days progress, is likely a very different picture to what yours is. So, determining what abundance means to you, seems to be the first step in what might be a global revolution.

Check up, from the neck up

So often we become embroiled in our daily lives, that we forget that we are all so well positioned to make an impact in this world. We have immeasurable possibility to achieving our abundant state, but it does require some intention towards changing how we think.

It is how we think about our places we live, what our relationship is with money and whether we are really truly serving ourselves by what we read, who we interact with and how we interact with our world at large.

We need to figure out what are thoughts are when we notice we are simply surviving, and then compare those thoughts to those moments when we feel that we are thriving. Figure them out, and continuously and fiercely practice those thoughts in our thrive moments, because that is the first step to our own new life of abundance.

Lisa Nichols needs very little introduction, and I love her saying:

“Pack your bags and move to a new mental zip code”

How you feel inside your body?

At this moment in time, I know that my body and I are really not in sync. I haven’t been swimming enough, I haven’t been walking enough and I woke up just this morning feeling a little stiff and inflexible. This thought could have left me in survival mode, but since I am now a watcher of my thoughts, I know the action to take to get me to a better place.

I have learned over the years, to not beat myself up about my body. This body image, I feel, is always within my control. Even when I need a medical intervention, that is still within my control because I can manage everything that I put my mind to. Asking for help and guidance is one of my key factors on my way to living my abundant state.

Discovering your passion and purpose

This I would suggest is a fundamental step towards a life of living abundantly and claiming this birthright. Something my Gran said to me, years and years ago shaped a lot of what I did then, and when I think back on it wasn’t very helpful at all. Don’t get me wrong I loved this woman! I love and miss her still, but she was only saying what she knew to say, and the world that she grew up in, is vastly different to my own. She told me, that we don’t all have to happy in our work. Our work after all just paid the bills. It was our responsibility to be happy in our personal lives though. It was something along those lines, but that message was clear at the time. Work doesn’t need to make you happy.

For years, although having a successful career, I never really felt completely fulfilled in the work I did. Until recently, I didn’t really know how my deep-seated values contributed to that feeling of being unfulfilled in the work that I did. You see, my top values are Freedom and Adventure, and I always thought that earning a living and paying the bills trumped those values. It isn’t always about the money, although I am not naïve as to its underlying purpose in our lives, I now just don’t make it my first priority.

Abundance is my birthright – it is yours too

Along this road of discovery, and realizing my values were not being met, I also discovered a way to align my passion and purpose through my values, and a way to still keep the wolves from the door. I wish that my Gran were still alive so that we could have that conversation again so that I could share my incredible path to abundance. While she had her version of abundance no doubt, she might just have really appreciated mine.