If you are new to the online industry you are no doubt concerned about growing your audience. Whichever digital strategy you are engaged in, having a loyal list of followers is your silver bullet.

Here are six steps to help grow your list of followers, and to assist with your longevity in the online world.

Step 1 – Create an engaging lead magnet

A lead magnet is an offer that is intended to add value first, for an opt-in process that your customer follows, and giving his or her email address in exchange. This creates your list.

Your goal here is to ultimately develop a trust relationship with your customer, and one which can go onto being a life-long mutually beneficial friendship.

Step 2 – Promote the lead magnet

Landing pages are designed for promoting your lead magnet, and the quickest way to promote is paid advertising.

Step 3 – Continue with your growth strategy

Being your primary focus to grow your list, nurturing your already subscribed customers is just as important. Continue to create value driven content, in order that your customer looks forward to your scheduled email.

Step 4 – Know who is on your list

As your customer progresses through your sales funnel, they have different needs and requirements. Accordingly, as your list grows know which emails are being sent to which group of customers. Depending on your sales strategy and your campaigns sending an introductory offer to an already existing customer offers no value to either of you.

Step 5 – Automate your email campaigns

Choose a trustworthy automation partner who can easily integrate with your lead magnet strategy. Automation of your marketing strategy is the key to your online growth and longevity.