We make around 35 000 decisions in a day!

All of this brain activity starts with us opening our eyes and deciding whether we want to get out of bed.

I get it – some days, even that first decision we need to make can be the biggest of the day.

do we suffer from decision fatigue?

I really can’t imagine why we would not!?

Decisions, decisions – and when those one’s we need to make on a conscious level come up for assessment, they can stop us in our tracks.

It can be a tiring and frightening process, but it doesn’t have to be.

the pitfalls of overthinking a decision

I am an introvert, so tend to overthink every big decision. In fact, I tend to overthink every small decision too.

The most important thing that I have learned though, is that when that spiral of overthinking is taking hold, the only way out is taking action.

Obvious! I hear you shout out.

But not so easy unless you have an awareness of this process.

The trouble is that when a decision is needing to be made, we are often lost in the process, and concerned about who that decision might affect; what people will think when we make that decision; and whether or not that decision is the best to make at the time.

How can we ever make good decisions with all of that going on in our heads?

here’s how – but we start with gratitude

First, you need to ground yourself in everything good around you.

Take note of all the skills you have, the people who will support you no matter what, and knowing that making a decision will set you forth on a road that will open up more opportunities if you are open to them.

1. Ask yourself whether this decision you want to make comes from a place of fear or lack.

Usually, a decision has two avenues – to do something or not to do something. Is fear driving you not to do it?

Almost always, when fear is the driver, it is because doing it will always lead to a place of growth and because you will be moving from your comfort zone.

2. Is there a decision to be made that will lead you to abundance?

Where do your core values lie, and how do they affect your life of abundance?

3. When you think about the decision having been made, does the projected outcome excite you?

Pretty simple this question, and perhaps the most critical question to ask yourself in the decision-making process.

4. What does your heart tell you?

We end with this question, not because it is the least important but the most powerful.

This gets us into our subconscious and really into our place of genius. Your heart knows without a shadow of a doubt what serves you best.

At least, this is what I believe to be true.

in a nutshell

Simply put, a decision is a choice between two or more roads to take.

Assessing your decisions when they come from fear, love, trust, excitement or from your head or your heart, can make the process much easier.

I would humbly suggest though that any decision made is a good one. I say this because when I look back on my decisions there have always been valuable lessons that I have learned.

And if you are up to learning those lessons, and then moving forward with those learnings you are in a more empowered position to make purposeful decisions.

A warning though – with lessons learned there is a responsibility on you to not expect a different outcome, if that is what you want, if you are making the same decisions again and again.

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