If you are anything like me, I constantly wonder about the way some ultra-successful entrepreneurs think. I am on the same journey that they were on.

I am developing myself. I am working towards my own set of goals, my own hopes and dreams. I am always checking my thoughts and checking the actions that they are directed towards my business strategy.

It is constantly checking and rechecking of everything.

I think that we can agree, that it is a mindset that we as entrepreneurs develop.

The list we could make would be quite lengthy. So these five offer an insight into, what I think are the fundamental aspects of this mindset and thought process.

Without a doubt, an entrepreneurial mindset is continually and persistently developing.

  1. Being Committed to Action

Not too long ago, I became stuck. So stuck that when I woke up in the morning, even my normal routine was a challenge.

I knew that once I was finished with what I generally do every morning – a walk or swim; breakfast, a cup of coffee while reading emails of my subscriptions – that I had to carry on with my set tasks. The problem was, was that I didn’t know what to do.

Just this thing, is one of the most critical aspects of developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

You can never be in a frame of mind where you are stuck, static or inert. You have to be committed to action.

The only way you can get out of this place, which I would imagine is like the doldrums, is to just do something. Something towards your goal.

If that is rewatching a training video, reaching out to your mentor or to your community – just do something!

It is amazing that when you put action first, how that action leads to more doing and leads to more achieving.

2. If you are thinking of quitting, think again

There have been so many times that my stopping doing what I am doing has crept into my mind. It was on those occasions when things were not working, things got overwhelming and self-doubt started to creep in.

How was I ever going to achieve the success that I see so many others have achieved? What makes me so special?

I always go back to my “why”. My purpose, and why my dreams are so important to me now, at this time in my life.

The truth is that if I quit, I have to go back to what I was trying so hard to move away from. I would have to march to the beat of someone else’s drum.

So I have no other option but to continue, and if that is to continue against every single challenge, I am totally up for it!

Some of my ideas might not be so great, and maybe they don’t do as well as I would have hoped. Quit on those ideas to move onto the next, and the next, but never ever quit on yourself.

3. Take from other leaders, other mentors and relish their successes

I am in a community of entrepreneurs. It is common practice that we share our wins, and also share our losses.

Being honestly and gratefully happy for others success is the key to developing your own success. I believe this because when a success is shared, knowledge is shared.

When you listen and learn about how success is made, this makes your own journey so much easier to navigate. Likewise, when a loss is shared it is an opportunity to learn and to support others and so it is always a win-win situation.

4. Never stop learning

Read every day. Read how others have done it, how they overcame challenges, and understand their thought process around how they overcame challenges.

If you read often enough, the author’s thought process will become your own. It’s a cycle of bringing us back to a way of thinking. A mindset.

Learn about marketing. Learn how to recognise authentic messaging. Be innovative in your thought around your customers and who you are presenting your products to.

Your customers learn as quickly as you do, so keeping up with them is paramount for you to keep adding value to your marketing strategy.

5. Challenge yourself

With anything, when you set off on a new journey there are naturally going to be feelings of trepidation. As you progress you build confidence, and with this confidence you can trust and bet on yourself to rise to new challenges.

As you meet those challenges, your skills develop and then fear subsides. It is almost always fear that stops us in our tracks.

Be mindful of fear, and where your fear is coming from.

I love this quote by Nelson Mandela:

“It always seems impossible, until it is done”

Here are some other points to ponder and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Have a clear vision
  • Always strive to add value first
  • Take a holistic view of challenges
  • Stay in the present
  • Plan for the future

To your success!