It is not easy to watch everyone else crushing their goals, and you feel like an absolute failure. I have often wondered why I struggle into things, where I would much rather be feeling supercharged and courageous for my efforts.

When I really get into my own thought process, I often find that I am only harsh on myself. The truth is that I have enjoyed a great deal of success, and the reality is that I will continue doing so. This is a belief of mine, but I have to spend some time reminding myself of this belief on some days.

It’s weird, I know. One thing I have learned is that a mindset is not an entrenched feeling. It is more like a sweeping changing tide which has its ebbs and flows. One day I might be feeling on top of the world, whereas on another, I am struggling to keep focus.

If you are anything like me, you will have your own special techniques to keep your physical energy in synch with your brain. I do these things when I am feeling low on spirit, and so far they have worked to jolt me back into a state of flow.

  1. Reframe Your Mind’s Stories

As an online entrepreneur, I am in an extremely vibrant and competitive space. Others have come before me, and they have made magnificent changes in their lives.

It is quite normal to compare yourself to those online guru’s but mind your brain when it starts using a comparison to dig at your (perceived) lack of success. Rather, use those times when you see other successes to be an inspiration to know that it’s all very possible for you too. And it is!

Remember that your past challenges are building blocks preparing you for your onward trajectory, and are not stumbling blocks for you to be afraid to try things again. Your life experiences all be they completely unrelated to your current path are what have made you who you are.

Embrace these things to get you moving ahead.

2. Make a List of Achievements

This is such a worthful exercise to do. Once you have your list, please put it in a place where you can see them every day. Focus on these things, because they are positive, and don’t ever forget how you felt when you achieved those things.

I struggle with being visible. In this online world, you have to engage with people because otherwise, you are just a photo on the screen—another photo in the scrolling process.

To help me here, I remind myself of my past life, training groups of people. It was so outside of my comfort zone at the time, but I was committed to the process, and after just doing it, I found myself gaining more and more confidence. The more confidence I gathered, the better I became.

In fact, I found myself loving it too!

3. Identify and Make a List of Your Strengths

Spend some productive time doing this exercise, and you will find that it is not a static list either. As you grow and develop, you find more interesting things about yourself, and eventually, your list increases with your self-development.

If you struggle in this exercise, think about what you are really good at. Even the smallest things can be a catalyst to a complete brainstorm on your strengths.

You might be a great listener. Perhaps you have a knack of communicating in difficult situations. Maybe you are a natural problem-solver. Could you have empathy with others when others don’t? Can you trust completely in a process, or you might be an intrepid adventurer.

4. Always Be In Integrity With Yourself

I love this one. Although often it is the hardest one to achieve.

One of my strengths is my integrity. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I don’t always use my words, but when I do, I mean them wholeheartedly.

I try to choose my words wisely in all instances, but one thing I can say is when those words come out, and my actions follow them, they are sincere at that time.

There is seldom a situation when I reflect on it that I think I should have behaved differently. The reason for this is that I act in honesty. I have to admit that I have been in trouble on a few of these occasions.

Being in integrity with yourself is critical to achieving a success mindset. It will have you set out your priorities, your needs and your vision for your future.

It could also have you moving away from people who you might not feel 100% comfortable with. In contrast, gravitating to people who share your goals, your vision of your future success and who will hold you accountable to your goals.

Integrity to yourself is often difficult because it requires hard decisions to be made. However, when you think about it, those who matter won’t mind your decisions here.

5. Be Accountable

For the solo entrepreneur, we often have to have our own little staff meetings with ourselves. This might sound slightly strange, but I have started to implement this, and every morning after visualising my goals, I am in a “staff meeting.”

I must tell you, some of my staff are just terrible!

Since I am the copywriter, the student, the content creator, the money generator if something hasn’t been done from the day before, that particular department gets a dressing down! Haha..being accountable is always going to be something that we strive for, I believe.

If you are honest with yourself and understand that keeping a focus on your diary might be a challenge, finding an accountability partner is an option.

I have written this very thing down for my HR manager to address. (Note to self Robyn!)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels