Whatever your marketing funnel looks like, whether it be the traditional five-phase conversion funnel or a new improved version that you have discovered, it goes without saying that copywriting gets your customer to the entry point of that funnel. The written word, when crafted appropriately persuades and directs the reader to your “call to action”, whether that call to action is hitting the purchase button, or subscribing to your monthly newsletter.

The apparent challenge for small business owners is actually writing gripping copy. It’s nailing all of the requirements that make your written words jump off the page and into the hearts of the reader. I think you would agree with me, that we all can’t be a William Shakespeare nor a JK Rowling, these writers, in my opinion, were and are exceptional in their craft. However, what is common between them is that they wrote about what set their own souls alight. They wrote about their own stories, and their own tribulations, the love they lost, and the heartbreak they felt. All of that emotion transferred onto pages, and it was gripping.

I was afraid to write this blog initially. Truth be told I am still afraid of the next steps I have to take. I am no beautiful writer, nor am I a world-renowned author – not yet, but being aware of the need to share my fears and experiences in writing is a step we all have to take. We have to keep it real, we have to add value, we have to help solve problems before we can be selling and that process is just fine with me.

“I will call for pen and ink, and write my mind”

William Shakespeare