I am walking in Spain, I have my backpack on my back. It’s filled with only a few necessities. I can hear the stones underfoot, I can smell the trees and the flowers and can hear the birds singing in the distance. It doesn’t really matter where I am on the path, I am just following it and trusting that the path will lead me to my evening’s destination. It’s so simple, but that’s a version of my ideal day.

It’s actually quite funny too. I am a terrible walker. I should be swimming. I am quite a talented swimmer, I always have been and I enjoy being in the pool. My physique is such, that I am more developed for water travel too, as opposed to land 🙂

Nevertheless, when I think of my ideal day, it’s walking and being on a pilgrimage. There is a special feeling about this type of walk. It’s purpose-driven, but still, your fate is left in the hands of something higher than you, and it’s a beautiful thing to let go of all of the normal responsibilities of daily life and just simplify everything. It’s a blessing.

We can’t be on pilgrimage all of the time though. Or can we? In actual fact, why can’t we? Today, as I write this, there are a bunch of people who have walked the Camino de Santiago and who have taken the decision to change their lives. They now either live on one of the routes running albergues or have taken up residence in Santiago De Compostela assisting pilgrims in many ways. They have made their dreams a reality, they have backed themselves in pursuing those dreams and have stood for nothing less than those dreams. These are incredible people in my view.

What does your ideal day look like? My good friend loves spending time with her young boys, so for her it’s doing things that they love. Building with lego, playing outside, and just enjoying quality time with her babies. Others might see their ideal day as being just able to have a coffee with a trusted friend and take in a movie together. Spending time over lunch or dinner with your partner, lover, wife or husband and really being present in those moments.

Regardless of what your ideal day might look like, there is a common thread that will run through all versions of them. Freedom. It’s the freedom necessary to create those days from both a financial and a time abundant aspect. Are you financially able to go to dinners every other night? Are you financially settled to take time off? Are you able to spend time, but real-time with the people you love and show up for them in a way that you want to? Can you be the leader you know you are meant to be, in your current situation?

Are you living your ideal day?

Title photo: Camino Frances March 2019 between Pamplona and Puente La Reina