Tracy Edwards calls herself a trailblazer. In her TED Talk, she describes how her life, which started off on shaky ground, turned into living a life she is proud of and one that has been designed around her passion. She is most certainly a trailblazer!

Learning a skill set

Like Tracy, we all understand that a set of skills is what gets us to the next point on our journey. The traditional way of thinking is that we get the skills necessary for life from school. In a formal education institution that will apply a set of rules and a curriculum in which every person needs to fit. For some of us, its like fitting a square peg in a round hole. This is such a cliche, but it will resonate with a large number of people

For some, like Tracy’s mom, recognized, school is not the only place for skills to be learned. And the idea here is that while school is necessary for basic education, it is not the only source from which you enrich your knowledge base and learn life skills that can lead to a life of freedom.

Discovery of self

I love Tracy’s story of setting off from the shore into the ocean. For some of us, this might seem like a strange way to be spending her time. Moving away from the security of land into the watery expanse that offers no reprieve for a sailor in the event of a massive storm.

In the movie “All is Lost” Robert Redford is a lone sailor, and while he is sleeping, his boat crashes into a container that has dropped off a ship, and the weather is beautiful with calm seas. So even in calm weather, being at sea offers some risk. What transpires is a demonstration of the gutsy human spirit, and like the real world of Tracy Edwards, the discovery of self and what we are capable of.

Doing the work yourself

Tracy’s personal story resonates with me in so many ways but most particularly is that she did all the work necessary to reach her goal, on her own. Yes, she had her crew, but neither of them was phased by the lack of money, the lack of support for her team, nor have the best equipment. They were not striving for perfection in everything, but in their actions, they made things perfect for themselves. There is a sense of empowerment when you are working towards your goals.

Our fellow human beings are often our greatest asset

Sharing this type of story strikes a chord in others and you will often find that like-minded people, who might not even share your passion, offer a hand and give support in ways that you could not have dreamed possible. Even when they are giving you their own traditional advice, its a blessing because although it might be against your goal it offers to spur you on and only cement your own personal beliefs in what you are doing.

Following your heart

We might not all have had mothers who noticed that we are simply not fitting in the structure that the world has to offer. But there is never an end to your chosen path, and life doesn’t go from A to B in one straight line.

If we are to be living in a space where we are authentic to our own inner passion and talents, we cannot afford to be living as bystanders and watching life pass us by. We have to stand up and be accounted for, we have to stand up for our beliefs and we have to, not only for ourselves but more importantly for people who love us, we have to nurture and then share our respective talents with our world.

Title Photo by David Jakab from Pexels