A Google Trends inquiry shows that Affiliate Marketing is on the rise. It makes complete sense that starting an online business, or creating a passive income in this particular climate, is on everyone’s mind. 

Further research shows that people who have used Affiliate Marketing in their online business plan have enjoyed a great deal of success. In some instances, they have replaced their “real” job with this not so new concept.

The real beauty behind Affiliate Marketing, though, is that unlike other start-up businesses, it doesn’t require a great deal of capital. In comparison, you can get started very quickly, and on at least half the budget you would need if you were trying to get another form of business off the ground.

Not so long ago, I didn’t even know or understand the concept of this marketing strategy. To me, it was as foreign as a language that I had never heard. Quickly though, I discovered the potential of the treasure trove that is being an affiliate marketer. 

If Affiliate Marketing is something you might be interested in, here are five key elements to get you on your way:

  1. Passion Drive Approach

Often you will find that online business owners design their own businesses around their passions and interests. Taking it a step further the product or service you offer, solves a problem, or answers a question that your ideal customer has. 

With Affiliate Marketing, you don’t need to have your own products. You, as an Affiliate Marketer promote other products. 

Ideally, it would be best if you were passionate or knowledgable on the products you are promoting. This has a twofold purpose. 

  • First of all, you are at ease of writing great content about the product you know or are passionate about.
  • Secondly, you are in a unique position to authentically and realistically advise your niche on which product might best serve their need.

It’s a good idea to provide a range of information on products so that your ideal customer comes to their own educated decision. It is a passion-driven approach from start to end. 

Research potential niche markets in Google Trends by inserting your particular passion as a keyword into the information generator. Draw comparisons on your top interests to see how each of the keywords stack up against each other.

Warning though: don’t get stuck playing with this information tool. I find it to be great fun!

2. Building your “list” — your audience

This aspect of Affiliate Marketing, as with any business is obviously the most important. Even when you have found some amazing products, you have to get those products in front of your customer avatar.

Here are some ideas from which you can build a list of your ideal customers:

  • Host an Event — topic talk, demonstrations, webinars around your interest. 
  • Create a club — FaceBook, Birthday Club, Book Club, as examples.
  • Giveaways
  • Blogging — ensuring that your posts have Opt-In options for future posts
  • Engaging through social media, for example
  • Author your own e-book

3. Sign up for Affiliate Programmes

Remember to choose products that you either already know, use, or can authentically promote through the research you have done on them or those you have an interest or passion about.

You might feel very strongly about some software you use, or perhaps those amazing hiking boots you walk in every weekend. It is most likely that you will find that those brands have their own affiliate programme or partner programme, as it is sometimes called.

Sign up, and the product owner will send you an affiliate link. That link is now ready to be promoted.

4. Create remarkable content that promotes your product links

There are a variety of platforms from which you can promote these links. 

Having a website is likely to be a prerequisite of the Affiliate Programme you have signed up to, but not always. Promoting your product on a social media platform, for example, is another way to drum up attention to your product. 

Be mindful to know where your customer avatar hangs out though before you spend any of your hard-earned cash on advertising. Affiliate Marketing is all about, for me at least, getting going on a very reasonable budget.

Whatever platform you have chosen, it is necessary to create some drop-dead gorgeous content! Remember that you have to stand out from the rest of the pack. 

You have to know how your competitors are placing their unique selling proposition and then find gaps in which to demonstrate your own uniqueness.

In writing product-based content, these few tips for framing your words are useful:

  • What is this product you are promoting?
  • Why is this product going to change your customers’ life? Why is it going to make their life easier, more enjoyable? Why can’t they be without it…
  • When is your customer going to get results? When will they receive this package of awesomeness? (Here, if you are promoting digital products its an immediate fix! It’s downloadable NOW! Here is your link…)
  • Framing your content around the value of the product and the dreadful alternative of not having it.
  • A guarantee and refund always go a long way to creating trust with your customers.

5. Assess your results — Change what needs changing — Get paid

Be flexible enough to change your strategy if it’s not working. 

Remember that your potential customers go through various phases on their purchasing journey. You must place your business in front of them, providing value first, and creating a lasting relationship. 

Change what needs to be changed and continue to assess your progress.

It’s not a quick and easy road to the “getting paid” part, but if you are committed to the long term status of your business, your tenacity and persistence will pay off.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels